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Don't have time for an IV vitamin infusion, then what about an
Intramuscular vitamin injection? 

IM Vitamin Injections are great for those with busy schedules who want to be in and out in 15 minutes or less.


Intramuscular vitamin injections administered directly into the muscle are more effective than oral vitamins alone due to increased absorption. Vitamins in any wellness regimen will help to promote balance, rejuvenation, and vibrancy.

Why get a vitamin IM injection??

Anyone who has a poor diet, GI disorder, gut dysbiosis (imbalanced gut microbiome), or gut inflammation will not be able absorb oral vitamins. IM vitamin injections bypass the gut and 90% or more of the vitamin is absorbed by the body. Vitamin injections are more bioavailable and the body can utilize them better.


Studies show that many of us are deficient in a number of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin shots are a great way to get yourself back on track. Vitamin absorption through the bloodstream can be more efficiently utilized by the body, whether by injection into a muscle or infusion directly into the bloodstream. Absorption through your digestive system, while also very effective is slower and often requires more frequent dosage.


Health and Wellness Connection offers all three options—IM Vitamin Injections, 

IV Vitamin Infusions, and      Vitamin Supplements.



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Tri-Immune Booster

Strength, Boost, Maintain


May help:

  • Increase Immune response

  • Maintain healthy immune response

  • Decrease inflammation

  • Optimize healthy cell function

  • Aid in wound healing

  • Strengthen weakened immune system

$40/Injection or IV push

Injections can be done 1-3x per week to maintain your immune system

Tri-Immune is a power-packed immunity blend made up of Glutathione, Ascorbic Acid, and Zinc.


This high concentration blend immune boosting essential is the ultimate immune system enhancer to help maintain a healthy immune response.


  * Ascorbic Acid (Vit C): supports cellular                         

         functions of both the innate and

         adaptive immune system


  * Zinc Sulfate: plays a role in the                                    

        development + function of immune



  * Glutathione: Master Antioxidantprotects host immune

         cells + provides optimal functioning of

         other cells in the immune system


Vitamin B 12 Injection      

         Methylcobalamin (B12) [Best Absorption]


 $25/injection (Buy 4/Get One Free)

  • Energy

  • Metabolism

  • Mood

  • Blood health


B-12 is found in meat, fish, and dairy. Absorption decreases with digestive issues, alcohol, inflammatory disease, illness, smoking, and naturally declines with age.  B-12 also becomes depleted in stressed states.

Vitamin D3 Injection

$25/injection (no more than 1 injection per month without labs)

  • Promotes healthy bones and teeth

  • Supports immune, brain, & nervous system

  • Regulates insulin levels

  • Supports lung & cardiovascular function

  • Enhances moods




Reaching Out to the Sun


Max Energy Boost 

   Amino Acids | B Complex | B12 (methylated)


(Buy 4/Get One Free)

  • Increase Metabolism

  • Improve Energy

  • Improves Hair Loss

  • Helps fight Cravings

  • Fat Burning

  • Improve Mental Clarity

  • Supports Cell Function


Fit Woman

This combination helps break down fat, lowers cholesterol, and is a great antioxidant. Gives you an energy boost! Some say it improves mood and decreases anxiety. Supports insulin sensitivity leading to weight loss and increased fertility in PCOS sufferers.  It can help fight against fatty deposits, especially in the liver. 


Vitality Hair Injection

   Amino Acids | B Complex | Biotin

(Amino Acids - Ornithine, Lysine, Citrulline, Arginine)


(Buy 4/Get One Free)

  • Increase Metabolism (amino acids)

  • Increase New hair growth

  • Help with anxiety/stress

  • Reduce Inflammation


Hair Model

Biotin, also known as B7, is a water-soluble vitamin found in foods such as eggs, milk, and bananas. This vitamin is important for overall health, and plays a role in cell growth, carbohydrate metabolism, and fatty acid synthesis. Biotin is involved in a wide range of metabolic processes primarily related to the utilization of fats, carbohydrates, and amino acids. It also influences cell growth and may help in maintaining blood sugar levels. Biotin is commonly supplemented for multiple conditions, such as hair loss, brittle nails, and nerve damage. Biotin is also thought to reduce inflammation, improve cognitive function, and increase HDL (good) cholesterol and decrease LDL (bad) cholesterol.


GAC      (Glutatmine/Arginine/Carnitine)

   Amino Acids



    $120/ weekly injection (month package: 4 injections)

  • Fat Burning

  • Increase Muscle Tone

  • Help with muscle soreness post workout

  • Release human growth hormone




Heavy Weightlifter

When combined, they can affect the portion of the brain that releases growth hormone (hGH). When the body naturally releases hGH, the body then responds with several hormonal processes that turn the body to into a fat-burning and muscle-building machine. While existing muscle is being protected, new muscle cells are being constructed to form lean muscle and tone the body. These amino acids also help to decrease next-day soreness after an intense workout by repairing the muscles!


Glutathione & Vitamin C suppositories

    Glutathione | Vitamin C

​Are you afraid of needles? This is the perfect way to get what you need to boost immune system without the poke! 

Use 1-3x weekly

       1  suppositories/ $12

        4 suppositories/ $40 (savings of $8)

Image by Zachary Nelson
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