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Health & Wellness Connection wants to help jump start your NEW YOU!

 Semaglutide or Tirzepatide
(GLP-1 weekly injection)
Semaglutide injections for your weight loss journey!

SEMAGLUTIDE (compounded version of Wegovy) once weekly injections

Obesity has become a major public health problem in the United States, affecting millions of people across all age groups. The CDC has released its latest statistics on obesity, and the numbers are alarming. According to the report, over 42% of American adults are now classified as obese, and the numbers continue to rise. The CDC now lists obesity as a national epidemic. 

Being overweight or obese is the root cause of many chronic diseases, including:

Coronary artery disease
Type 2 diabetes
High blood pressure
High cholesterol (includes triglycerides which contribute to plaque in the arteries)
Fatty liver disease
Certain Cancers
Sleep Apnea
Endocrine disorders, including insulin resistance
Alzheimer's and/or dementia
Mood disorders
Back and joint pain
PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. Our program is designed to help you achieve your ideal weight and reduce the risk of many health issues. Our team of experienced professionals will provide you with the necessary tools and support to make meaningful lifestyle changes that will positively impact your health. Join our program today and take the first step towards a healthier and happier life.

We all want to look and feel our best, but sometimes we resort to extreme measures in order to achieve our desired body shape. Fad diets have been around for years, but the truth is they can do more harm than good. These diets promise quick weight loss, but often result in nutrient deficiencies, slowed metabolism, and even eating disorders. 
Let's prioritize our health and well-being by saying goodbye to fad diets once and for all.

We use Semaglutide which is not a stimulant, so you do not have to worry about unpleasant side effects like not being able to sleep or having jitters. 

Semaglutide is a small protein (peptide) that actives metabolic pathways in the body to increase blood sugar metabolism and reduce appetite. It imitates a hormone called glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1). You may have heard of Semaglutide before. It have been used to help treat type 2 diabetes under the name brand Ozempic. 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Semaglutide to be used to treat type 2 diabetes in 2017. Further research and studies have shown that Semaglutide is also suitable for losing weight, and in June 2021, it was FDA approved for weight loss under the brand name Wegovy. 

We do not prescribe Semaglutide under the brand name associated with weight loss. We use a compounded formula of Semaglutide with L-carnitinine or Semaglutide with no additive.

Semaglutide is injected subcutaneously (under the skin) and not into a muscle. Please be assured that the needle is quite small, and the injection is painless.

Semaglutide reduces your appetite and makes you feel fuller for longer periods of time. It also keeps you in "fat-burning" mode.  

Semaglutide Improves endothelial function (heart/blood vessel lining for better blood flow and reduced heart attack/stroke risk)

It has shown to reduce atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis refers to the dangerous thickening/hardening of the arteries (blood vessels) that, over time, adds significantly to the risk of heart disease, heart attacks, and stroke. Semaglutide supplementation reduces this buildup.

Protects cognitive function. Postprandial plasma glucose refers to blood sugar levels following food intake, which tend to increase (especially after carb-heavy meals).

Lowers insulin resistance. Maintaining insulin sensitivity (how effectively cells respond to insulin) is critical for long-term metabolic health. Semaglutide, in addition to lowering body weight, also reduces insulin resistance (the opposite of insulin sensitivity).

Limits systemic inflammation. Through the same mechanism described above that Semaglutide uses to reduce atherosclerosis, it also tamps down systemic inflammation. Long-term inflammation is associated with multiple age-related chronic diseases, from cardiovascular disease to neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s to arthritis. Along with other dietary and lifestyle practices to reduce chronic inflammation, Semaglutide can help to stave off these illnesses.

*Patients typically see a weight loss of 1-3 pounds per week. However, that can vary depending on the weight of the patient. Patients who have more weight to lose can see greater results. It will also depend on lifestyle changes that occur. 

Remember, your body is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to achieving your goals.

Pricing for Semaglutide

Month 1 $200 plus cost of initial consulation of $59

Month 2 $250

Month using 40 units (1 mg) weekly:      $250/month

Month using 50 units (1.25 mg) weekly: $300/month

Month using 60 units (1.50 mg) weekly: $350/month

Month using 70 units ( 1.75 mg) weekly: $375/month

Month using 80 units (2 mg) weekly:     $400/month

Month using 90 units (2.25 mg) weekly: $425/month

Month using 100 units (2.5 mg) weekly: $450/month

You can come in weekly for injections or take a month worth of injections home

Enjoy life again, gain confidence, and conquer the world!

Tree Pose

If you have labs completed by your primary care provider, please bring the results with you to your appointment or we will draw your labs at your appointment.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel $50

We offer Tirzepatide which is compounded version of Mounjaro

Tirzepatide is a substance that increases the amount of glucagon-like peptide in the body. Like Semaglutide, it works by boosting GLP levels by targeting the GLP-1 receptor. It also works with GIP which is a second receptor. GIP is another hormone that gets released when we eat. It seems to control our weight through receptors in the brain and fat cells. More importantly, GLP-1 and GIP work better together than they do separately.

Pricing for Tirzepatide

Month 1 ; 2.5 mg $295/month plus cost of initial consulation of $59

5 mg/weekly:      $350/month

7,.5 mg/weekly:  $425/month

10 mg/weekly:    $500/month

12.5 mg/weekly: $575/month

15 mg/weekly:    $650/month

Instructions for subcutaneous injections

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