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Instructions on how to give yourself a subcutaneous injection (weight loss medication)

How often should I get a drip and how long does it last?

It really depends on your lifestyle and what you are looking to get out of it. Professional athletes who are training for a big event or competition will do the drips twice a week, while other people can get on a regimen to do them once every 4-6 weeks. However, it is something you need to be consistent with in order to maintain an optimal healthy lifestyle.

It also depends how nutrient depleted you are. In the beginning you may have to do the drips more frequently to get yourself to that optimal level. Then you will listen to your body’s cues when you are ready for your next drip.

Does your body absorb more of the nutrition through an IV drip than it would by taking vitamins or other supplements? Or does it get rid of the excess nutrients it doesn’t need, like it will with excess vitamins or other supplements?

Yes, IV Nutritional Therapy delivers nutrients directly into the bloodstream allowing the body to absorb 100% of
nutrients infused. Direct access to the bloodstream bypasses the gastrointestinal tract, allowing the body’s
organs to obtain all of the benefits of each nutrient. Vitamins and supplements taken orally must first be broken

down through the gastrointestinal tract in order for the body to absorb and use those vitamins and
supplements. This process reduces the nutrient absorption rate significantly. Also, these are all water-soluble
vitamins, same as we get from the foods that we eat, just in a higher concentration. Anything that the body feels
it does not need will be excreted.



How is it different than taking oral vitamins?


The intake of vitamins orally, whether in the form of tablets or capsules or as a food component may take a longer route before it reaches the bloodstream. It also leads to about 30% - 40% absorption rate. Components of tablets, capsules, or food will be broken down into smaller pieces upon the introduction of these to the mouth, down to the esophagus where it later passes through the whole digestive tract. The stomach acids will help break down the tablets, capsules, and food into minute particles to their base state – whether as Vitamin C, Glutathione, or Vitamin B-12. Only then will it be absorbed into the bloodstream. Some of these basic components may have already lost the bulk of what has to be absorbed by the body when it passed through the complete digestive tract before it reached the bloodstream which means you may need to take more than what you are supposed to on a daily basis just to reach the ideal level of vitamins that get into your body. The majority of the time too, what’s written on the vitamins’ fine print is not the actual amount of vitamins you consume per tablet. Quality may differ too depending on the manufacturer as well as what you’re being told.

How long does it take to feel the effect?


You’re not going to walk out of here feeling like superman… it’s more a feeling of liveliness and not being so exhausted after a day’s work. Most people have come to accept that feeling tired after working all day is normal, but it is not. If we had our optimal levels of nutrients in our body, we would not be feeling this way. Also, the energy you get is natural energy, not chemically induced energy, like from coffee or redbull, so you will not get jittery, you will not have the “crash” feeling and it will not cause sleeplessness at night.

Side Note:
After clients have their infusion, they might actually feel more relaxed at first. This is due to a few factors: First,
we are providing a very relaxed environment during the infusion, going along with our motto: Relax the mind,
while you replenish the body.” Also, especially after infusions with Glutathione, the client will go through a “detox
period” which might make them feel a little tired, and once complete, they will begin to feel energized.

What if I eat " clean and organic"?


Even if you are taking vitamins by mouth and eating “clean & healthy”, it’s important to know our soil is so nutrient depleted that it is impossible to get the proper level of nutrients we need from the foods we eat. Also your body may still not absorb all of the nutrients you consume via food. A common instance of this is Vitamin D.

Will I be able to sleep at night?

The energy you get from IV nutrient therapy is natural energy, not chemically induced energy, like from
caffeine or redbull. It will not cause you to feel jittery. You will not experience the caffeine “crash” and it will not
cause sleeplessness at night.

What are the risks associated with IV therapy?

IV therapy is a non-invasive procedure with minimal risk.
Examples: minor bruising around puncture site of IV catheter, inflammation and bleeding upon removal of IV

Are these drips paraben and preservative free?

Drips are all-natural and do not contain steroids, synthetics, placebos, or medicine of any kind. Most nutrients
are preservative-free, while others require them to have a health impact.

Are there any medical issues that can be treated via IV therapy?

IV therapy is known to aid in the treatment of many issues. Some examples are:
● Depression
● Stress
● The common cold
● Migraines
● Cancer

● Lyme Disease
● Immunodeficiencies
● Vitamin deficiencies
● Heavy Metal Toxicity

Where do you get your IV solutions?

From an FDA regulated 503B pharmacy which is an approved and registered compounding pharmacy. Nutrients are vegan. Preservative free, non-synthetic. High Quality.

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