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Dangerous metals and toxins can accumulate in the body over time from such things as dental fillings containing mercury, lead exposure, certain vaccinations, and routine consumption of farm-raised fish. Chelation therapy can reduce the presence of these metals and toxins over time. They do not leave the body on their own accord.

Natural chelation therapy is also used to treat hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis). Some artery-clogging plaques contain calcium deposits. Chelation therapy has been proposed and used to remove these deposits and facilitate a healthier flow of blood through the arteries.

Chelation therapy is also used in some cases to treat inflammation-related conditions such as osteoarthritis. The idea is that EDTA may function as an antioxidant and protect the body against the damage caused by chronic inflammation.


Chelation Therapy is a new, unique way of detoxing your body. It has been mentioned by many popular health blogs and an increasing number of news reports as being able to reduce blood pressure, prevent diabetes, and improve brain function, among other health benefits. EDTA, the amino acid used in Chelation Therapy, has also been known to prevent senility, dissolve kidney stones, and help your body in many different ways.


If you're interested in learning more about Chelation Therapy, we compiled a list of some frequently asked questions to give you a better idea about what exactly it is, how it works, and how it can ultimately improve your health.


What are the Benefits of Chelation Therapy?


Chelation Therapy can work as an antioxidant, freeing your blood from any free radicals that may cause cancer. This is especially beneficial considering that heavy metal toxicity may cause certain forms of cancer. It also helps fight against chronic fatigue and has been known to have many anti-aging benefits as well. Even if you don't have heavy metal toxicity, Chelation Therapy can improve circulation and blood flow, releasing a plethora of benefits such as improved mood, more energy and focus.

What is Chelation Therapy?

Chelation Therapy is a process in which EDTA, or ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid, is administered through an IV to bind (or collect) toxins in the bloodstream and remove them naturally from your body.

What Toxins Does Chelation Therapy Target?

Chelation Therapy targets heavy metals such as lead and mercury that may be transmitted through food and could be poisoning your body. It can also remove cholesterol and fats clogging up your arteries.

How can your Body Get Rid of These Toxins?

Chelation Therapy is the most effective way to rid your body of toxins and improve your health. By having chelators enter your body intravenously, you are essentially speeding up the process and getting your body to feel better almost immediately. This can ultimately save you time and save your health before any permanent damage takes place. Chelation Therapy is also a delicate procedure that requires professional workers with the utmost care. When you're getting Chelation Therapy, you can rest assured you're being treated by someone who knows what they're doing and is targeting the parts of your body that need to be improved.

How do heavy metals reach your body?


If you've ever eaten fish from a restaurant, eaten foods that aren't organic, been exposed to lead of some kind, or ever had unfiltered tap water, it's very likely that you have some kind of heavy metal toxicity in your system. These food sources are usually likely to have been exposed to toxic heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, lead, and arsenic. When consumed, they can slowly poison the body and cause a host of health issues, including various cancers.

What are the Symptoms of Heavy Metal Toxicity in Your Body?

Some of the symptoms of heavy metal toxicity may include fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, depression, anxiety, or even muscle and joint pain. You may also feel nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, heart problems, nervous problems, and anemia. It is possible you have heavy metal toxicity in small doses and may not even realize it.

How exactly does EDTA work?

EDTA works by latching itself onto heavy metals to carry them out of your system through the bladder. It can also binds itself to the calcium in fatty deposits inside your arteries. Just like with the heavy metals, it will carry out these toxins through your waste. Think of EDTA like a roto-rooter for your arteries.

Is EDTA safe for your body?

Yes, EDTA is a safe, non-toxic substance that has been FDA approved for the treatment of lead and mercury poisoning for over 50 years. You can walk into any clinic in the US with heavy metal toxicity and be administered EDTA. One thing to remember is that just because you haven't heard about it, doesn't mean you should discount it. In fact, Chelation Therapy may be one of the most effective, least expensive, and safest treatments for heart disease ever developed

Once I Take Chelation Therapy, are There Any Side Effects?

When Chelation Therapy is administered properly at the right dosage, there are virtually no side effects. However, some side effects have been noted as headache, nausea, low blood calcium, and allergic reactions, among others. Like with any important health procedure, it is important to consult your physician before trying Chelation Therapy so you know if it's right for you. Also before engaging in Chelation Therapy, let your wellness spa know of any allergies you may have that could cause a reaction.

Are There Any Goods that Act as Chelators?


Foods such as cilantro, Brazil nuts, onions, parsley, and garlic act as chelators that can help rid the blood of heavy metal toxicity. However, this requires eating a certain amount of these foods per day and you won't see any solution until after a two week period. When it comes to your health, you don't want to have to wait to see results. Some people fast or undergo some sort of juicing detox to get their maximum benefit. 

Where Can I Get Chelation Therapy?

Health and Wellness Connection offers Chelation Therapy in a friendly, supportive environment with trained staff that knows what they're doing and treat you like a person, not a patient. Whether you decide to go to Health and Wellnes Connection you'll find a high level of service and professionalism that you won't find anywhere else.

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