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Vitamins are essential to our health and wellness, but some of us don’t get enough essential vitamins through our normal diet. IV vitamin infusions can help deliver higher doses straight into our bloodstream where the body can immediately utilize these valuable nutrients.
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Health & Wellness Connection offers Vitamin infusions and injections to optimize your own natural immune system. 
Fight sickness and allergies by strengthening your immune system.
Promote young and healthy-looking hair, skin, and nails.

Oral vs IV Vitamins??

How is it different than taking oral vitamins? The intake of vitamins orally, whether in the form of tablets or capsules or as a food component may take a longer route before it reaches the bloodstream. It also leads to about 30% absorption rate. The components of the tablets, capsules, or food will be broken down into smaller pieces upon the introduction of these to the mouth, down to the esophagus where it later passes through the whole digestive tract. The stomach acids will help break down the tablets, capsules, and food into minute particles to their base state – whether as Vitamin C, Glutathione, or Vitamin B-12. Only then will it be absorbed into the bloodstream. Some of these basic components may have already lost the bulk of what must be absorbed by the body when it passed through the complete digestive tract before it reached the bloodstream which means you may need to take more than what you are supposed to on a daily basis just to reach the ideal level of vitamins that get into your body. The majority of the time too, what’s written on the vitamins’ fine print is not the actual amount of vitamins you consume per tablet. Quality may differ too depending on the manufacturer as well as what you’re being told.


With so many kinds of vitamins and supplements available, IV therapy can deliver a range of health and wellness benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Promoting faster weight loss

  • Curing hangover symptoms

  • Treating certain nutrient deficiencies

  • Cleansing your body of toxins and free radicals

  • Increasing your energy levels

  • Promoting better cardiovascular health

  • Easing anxiety and promoting relaxation


* NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) (will take 3-4 hours per infusion)                       $ 300    
   - Promotes cell regeneration to help cognitive function
* FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH (Replenishes the body for noticeably healthier skin, hair, and nails)                          $ 175                        

     Who doesn't want to stay looking younger longer? This fountain of youth will keep your skin glowing and hydrated. This infusion includes Glutathione - a high-powered antioxidant that will leave your skin radiant, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B Complex.


* NATURAL DEFENSE (Protects the body and speeds up recovery from an airborne illness such as a cold)         $ 165


    With the hectic lifestyle, we are all leading these days, our immune systems are constantly stressed. Now add in cold & flu season and a pandemic (COVID-19), and your immune system is even more stressed and overworked fighting off these pathogens. Come in for an immune boost! Our special blend of IV fluids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals will help jump-start your immune system.                

* CHELATION THERAPY (Improves blood flow by removing heavy metals in the bloodstream)                      $ 155 


     Want to get rid of toxins that have built up in your body from air & water pollution, foods, medicines, improperly coated food containers, plates, or cookware, ingestion of herbicides or pesticides, or even the use of deodorant?  The chelation infusion contains Calcium Disodium EDTA that works by removing the toxic heavy metals from damaged hearts and heart valves as well as from hidden stores within blood vessels, kidneys, and more. You see, by removing the circulatory heavy metal toxins, EDTA enhances cardiovascular blood flow and function


* RISE AND SHINE (Reduces headaches and stops feelings of fatigue or exhaustion after a hangover)                 $ 135


     Did you have a little too much fun last night and still feeling the lingering effects today? Are you jet-lagged from traveling? Let us help you overcome that nasty hangover with our special hangover infusion! With this liter of IV fluids combined with vitamins, you will be feeling better in less than an hour!

* THE EXECUTIVE (Promotes mental clarity and focus during work hours and beyond)                                                 $ 125


      This infusion, made especially for executives or anyone burning the candle at both ends, will have you hydrated and ready to take on the world in less than an hour! A special combination of powerful antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals will keep your flame burning bright!

* GLUTATHIONE (Empower cells, slows down aging, and produces a brighter, healthier skin glow)                               $ 125


      This potent antioxidant helps fight against free radicals and decrease oxidation at the cellular level, which helps slow the aging process, enhances athletic performance, and boosts the immune system. 

Health and Wellness Connection partners with Liquivida infusions. Liquivid is a 503B pharmacy with third party testing prior to sending to our clinic. All infusions are preservative free, non-synthetic.

Disclaimer: Certain health conditions may prevent you from receiving an IV infusion, such as congestive heart failure, renal failure, pregnancy. Make sure you disclose your health history prior to your infusion with our health care professionals for your safety.


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Buy 4 infusions and get 30% off your next infusion!


Buy 10 infusions and get an infusion free! Except NAD infusion (it will be 75% off).

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